Treatment Services

Rubicon provides outpatient treatment services for substance abuse, and other generalized counseling services tailored to meet the unique needs of each family and/or individual of any age, including children. Outpatient treatment services include:

  • Assessment Counseling - Diagnostic & evaluation service. A bio-psychosocial history is developed to determine the nature and extent of an individual's or family's problems with respect to substance use, identification of contributing factors, and evaluation of the assets and resources available to the client.
  • Referral - When needed services are not available through Rubicon, the client may be referred elsewhere for services.
  • Individual Counseling - A systematic face-to-face interaction between a counselor and a client which focuses on problems, needs and goals identified in the assessment process.
  • Group Counseling - A face-to-face, goal-oriented interaction between a counselor and a group of clients directed toward issues and behaviors related to abuse and dependency.
  • Family Counseling - Individual and group counseling sessions designed specificially for families. Promotes greater understanding of substance abouse or dependency and problems associated with or encountered by the client. Assists in the reduction and resolution of identified family problems.
  • Case Management - The coordination of services to insure that clients have access to a full array of needed community resources, to include appropriate medical, social, educational or other needed services.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) - For those people who need more than a once-a-week outpatient program regiment but don't need the structure of an inpatient residential program.

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