Peer pressure starts early; tobacco education does, too.

Peer pressure starts early; tobacco education does, too.

SC Tobacco Education Program (SCTEP)

The South Carolina Tobacco Education Education Program is offered as an alternative to penalties for:

  • Students who face suspension for violation of a school tobacco-use policy.
  • Young people who break one of the state's laws regarding underage tobacco use.

The Youth Access to Tobacco Prevention Act of 2006, which went into effect in August of that year, states that it is unlawful for a minor under the age of 18 to purchase, possess, or attempt to possess tobacco products and/or present false proof of age in an attempt to purchase or possess these products. Penalties are a civil fine of $25 and a total fine that can exceed $100 after court costs and fees.

An individual's failure to complete his/her sentence gives the court the option to restrict driving privileges for 90 days or to deny issuance of a driver's license 90 days past eligibility.